Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cat Olympics Show

Posted by Amaya Chika at 9:48 PM 26 comments

Power Sleeping

Photo credit by

Mouse Hockey

Photo credit by

Relay Drinking

Photo credit to floppycats

Bird Watching

Photo credit to Evan Animals

Compulsory Yawning

Photo credit from wikimedia

Freeform Leaping

Photo credit to dipity

Is your cat a specialist in one or more of the Cat Olympic events? Fill out this simple form with one or two photos from each event. You may enter your cat in as many events as you wish, but please fill out a new form for each event. The events thus far are:
  • Power Sleeping
  • Mouse Hockey
  • Bird Watching
  • Relay Drinking
  • Compulsory Yawning
  • Freeform Leaping
  • Other (Creative New Event)
There are no awards, but the best photos will be featured in an upcoming Cat Olympics photo gallery.
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