Thursday, June 21, 2012


Posted by Amaya Chika at 8:58 PM
When I was a little girl I have so many cat's in our house, 24 cats as far as I can remember.  I have to put them in a basket every time I go to school.  And as soon I got home I run at the back of our house to see if they are still inside the basket and I count them again one by one.


But before I got 24 cats, I only have one kitty cat named GLORIA.  She is a gray cat and I love her so much.  When Gloria had her 4 kittens it was that time that people kill cat's and eat them. Every time I saw stray cat's I adopt them because I am afraid people will kill them and eat them too. That is why I have so many cat's.

Yes, I am the owner of the 24 cat's and people are asking for permission to have my cats, they said they're going to pay me money.  And I said NO.  

Now, this a most complex legal issue, one that I am not qualified to discuss. I can only contribute an anecdote. In our place here in the Philippines, I passed through a market and I asked to look around. Dwarfish women in colorful folk dress were hawking exotic vegetables and baskets with small dogs, cats and other animals. Some people became excited and spent time choosing a cute fattened doggie. We stopped at a roadside hut where the dog was butchered and prepared and served with a big bowl of white rice. After politely refusing to join them, in a separate room, I was served rice with chicken. And I wonder why they eat dogs.  Then later cat's.


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